Animated forklift raising forks with empty skid - Forklift Safety Awareness

Forklift Circle Check





Forklift Safety Basics


Circle Check


Stability Triangle


Lifting and Moving


Pedestrian Safety


Traveling On Inclines


Loading Trucks


Forklift Accidents


Handling Propane


Legal Issues







Be thorough, be safe


forklift circle check - man inspecting forklift for safe operation


Read the operator's manual and know your machine


Daily Visual and Operational Safety Inspection




An individual checklist should be developed for each machine  tailored to the make, model and attachments of the machine.




Forklift safety video


Walk around the forklift, checking for obstructions or hazards in the area, fluid leaks, damp spots or drips.


Check condition of wheels/tires.


Inspect belts, hoses and connections.


Check propane, engine oil, coolant level and battery condition.





Lights working properly.


Fire extinguisher-present and charged.


Foot brake pedal holds, unit stops smoothly.


Parking brake should hold against slight acceleration.


Dash control panel all lights, gauges and horn operational.


Clutch and gearshift smooth shifting no jumping or jerking. 


 Steering functioning properly, no excessive play in the wheel.







Lift and tilt mechanisms operate smoothly

throughout cylinder stroke length.


 No external or internal leaks at lift and tilt

cylinders. also, no leaking hydraulic hoses.


 Chains, rollers, hose pulleys in good shape. 


Check forks for positioning, latches and anchor pins worn, loose or bent.


Beware of damaged, cracked or bent forks.