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Don't take chances lifting personnel without proper lift cage securely attached to lifting equipment.


hazardous dangerous construction scaffolding forklift truck


  • Do not use pallets elevated by forklifts as an improvised working platform. 

  • Do not elevate anyone on forks unless in approved man cage that is secured to forklift.  

  • Use mirrors, sound horn and slow down when approaching pedestrians, hazardous passageways and work areas.



  • When forks are empty, mast should be tilted back to prevent tips of forks from contacting ground, or other obstacles.

  • Match your speed to the surface being driven on, load and workplace conditions.

  • Do not start, stop, turn or change direction suddenly or at speed. 


danger standing on forklift emptying bin in dump


Worker climbs on top of forklift safety cage to reach tipper basket release

  • Remain in the forklift, never climb on industrial machinery

  • Do not try to move or adjust any part of the load, the forklift or the surroundings while on the forklift.

  • Do not climb between mast and load or between mast and machine

  • Only operate controls while sitting in the operatorís seat.

  • Do not drive with hands, arms, head, legs or feet outside the confines of the forklift or between mast uprights or other parts of the unit where shear or crushing hazards exist.


shear hazard pinch hazard

Worker uses long handle to operate controls of fork truck


Worker uses long handle to operate controls of fork truck